Boundless Butterflies

My name is Andrea and I have been an Occupational Therapist since January 2000. In my years as an OT, I have heard the cries of frustrated parents, witnessed the overwhelmed look on teachers faces, and the swift recommendation of prescription medications from doctors. I have watched administrators remove students from programs, daycares ask a parent not to send their child anymore and summer/after-school camps say a child was not an appropriate fit. Why? The answer is simple. It is not that the needs of a special child are unreasonable but rather misunderstood. Specifically, the needs of the child with sensory dysfunction is profoundly unearthed territory. This website is dedicated to excavate such ground to better meet the needs of these children allowing them to spread their wings and succeed.


Elementary and Secondary
I am a product of public schools. I was educated within our public schools within the same town from kindergarden through 12th grade.

I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Child and Family Studies with a minor in Psychology from Syracuse University.

Graduate Studies
I earned my Master of Science degree in Occupational Therapy from Nova Southeastern University.

Continued Study
I have completed one semester towards attaining my Doctor of Occupational Therapy degree from Boston University

Why I am an Occupational Therapist
Ever since I can remember, I have wanted to teach small children while incorporating a medical background. I did not know what occupational therapy was at the time but it was exactly what I had thought up in my mind.
While competing a fieldwork assignment at a preschool while at Syracuse University, I witnessed an OT working with a three year old boy who had yet to take his first steps. She had placed skis on his feet to weigh him down, giving him added proprioceptive input and a greater sense of where his body was positioned and something clicked inside of me. This was absolutely what I wanted to be doing.
A decade later I am still endlessly in love with the field of OT. Every stride a child makes towards accomplishing a goal, feeling that sense of pride and witnessing the beaming smiles the proceed is exactly why I am a pediatric occupational therapist.



Our motto is that we provide Skills For The Job Of Living. An occupational therapist (OT) intervenes with people of all ages across the lifespan due to physical, emotional, cognitive, neurological, social and developmental needs impeding function, independence or quality of life. The four domains of OT are pediatrics, geriatrics, mental health and physical dysfunction.

OT's are a critical member of the healthcare team, as our focus is on function and "occupation" as in how the body works and operates. Specifically, we work diligently to enhance the self-help skills/ADL's (activities of daily living), skills for work or school, play or leisure, and interpersonal/group interactions necessary for a fulfilling, productive life. OT has it's roots in psychology so we always consider the impact of a disorder or impairment and its affect on daily function both physically as well as emotionally.

OT's are typically on a team working with physical therapists, speech therapists, teachers, social workers, parents, ABA therapists, nutritionists, physicians, etc. We are in private and public schools, hospitals, acute and sub-acute settings, nursing homes, early intervention, home care... the list could be endless !!



The following Occupational Therapy services are available at the given rates per service:

- A full occupational therapy evaluation: $175
- A full sensory assessment: $75
- A child-specific sensory diet: $50
- A sensory diet replenishment complete with novel activities: $20
- Occupational Therapy treatment sessions: $50-75 per hour

Additional hourly based services at a rate of $50 per hour plus travel time beyond 30 miles roundtrip include:
- Attend a team meeting within a school or other such placement
- Family consultations
- School consultations
- Handwriting assessments, recommendations, and treatment
- In-services within the home and school settings
- Exercise programs to increase general strength and core development
- Program development

Please contact me to determine if you live within an area that can be serviced. Primarily, these areas include New Jersey and New York area. I am based out of Ocean County in Toms River, NJ.